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Group Therapy

Addiction treatment is designed in a way where patients can receive comprehensive, well-rounded care that addresses several different needs at one time. When people are enrolled in a professional treatment program, they have access to several various evidence-based therapies and other services that can help them properly care for their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs.

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Throughout nearly all addiction treatment programs across the United States, group therapy is one therapeutic treatment that has helped even the most addicted individuals transition into recovery and stay there. 

What to Expect at Group Therapy in Franklin, TN

Our group therapy in Franklin, TN is focused on bringing those in recovery together to address commonly-shared issues, develop coping skills and strategies, and establish a support system that can promote accountability, trust, and encouragement. No matter which one of our outpatient treatment programs a patient attends, he or she will attend group therapy sessions, as we view them as an important and critical part of each patient’s recovery. 

Group therapy is led by one or more therapists (depending on the size of the group) who guide the group through several different exercises. Patients will attend group therapy sessions over the six to eight weeks that they remain in their outpatient program. The amount of sessions that one will attend will vary based on his or her specific needs. 

Types of Group Therapy

Group therapy is not just a time for patients to get together and talk about their issues, rather they are focused therapy sessions that strive to promote true change and healing in patients. Based on what the group needs on a collective level, therapists can provide certain types of group therapy sessions. Some of the most prominent and effective types of group therapy include those below.

Psychoeducational groups

Learning how to live in recovery is extremely difficult when little is known about the disease aspect of addiction. Psychoeducational groups focus on educating patients about addiction. Within this group, patients can learn about the following:

  • How addiction develops
  • Risk factors for addiction
  • How addiction impacts the structure of the brain
  • How active addiction sustains itself
  • How addiction can be treated

Cognitive-behavioral groups

Throughout all aspects of mental healthcare, cognitive behavioral therapy can be utilized. It is so effective that it is used in almost all addiction treatment centers. This type of group therapy we use in Franklin, TN forces patients to reexamine their thinking patterns and subsequent behaviors so that they can develop ways to modify negative thoughts to produce positive behaviors. Through cognitive behavioral groups, patients can develop the skills needed to maintain their recovery long after their involvement in one of our programs ends. 

Skills development groups

Individuals cannot just go through treatment and be “cured” after struggling with an addiction. Instead, the treatment that they participate in must work to provide them with a strong set of skills that they can rely on to help them navigate recovery. Skills development groups are a type of group therapy that works to provide patients with those skills. This can include relapse prevention skills, basic life skills, and stress management skills, to name a few.

Benefits of Group Therapy in Franklin, TN

Our group therapy in Franklin, TN is highly beneficial when patients put forth their very best efforts. When participating in group therapy, some of these benefits can include:

  • Receiving support from others in treatment and recovery
  • Developing skills to prevent from abusing drugs or alcohol again
  • Addressing common underlying causes of addiction
  • Learning through the insight of others in the group
  • Having a group of individuals to remain accountable to, which can prolong recovery
  • Establishing stronger communication skills and developing a greater understanding of others

The advantages are endless and can follow a patient throughout the rest of his or her life.

Do You Need Professional Addiction Treatment?

An addiction to drugs or alcohol will remain a threat to your wellbeing as long as it continues. Your use can affect your personal and professional life, as well as jeopardize your physical and psychological health. When addicted, it can seem like nothing will get in the way of your use. However, addiction is a treatable disease and professional care can help you stop using for good.

If you are struggling with a substance use disorder, do not let the fog of your addiction trick you into thinking that everything is “fine” when it is not. You do not need to live trapped in a dangerous and deadly cycle of abuse. If you are ready to get the help you need, reach out to us to learn more about our group therapy in Franklin, TN plus the several other services we provide.

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