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Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is the top opioid addiction treatment modality, as it has saved countless lives and continues to do so. Those who are caught in a deadly pattern of opioid addiction can benefit significantly by reaching out for medication-assisted treatment in Franklin.

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Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opioid Addiction

There are several different combinations of treatment designed to help people addicted to all kinds of mind-altering substances, including opioids. However, medication-assisted treatment is viewed as the gold standard of opioid addiction, as it has saved the lives of many individuals who were once caught in the stronghold of dependency.

A medication-assisted treatment plan, put very simply, is a treatment approach that combines the use of FDA-approved medications and evidence-based therapies to treat opioid addiction. People who have been abusing opioids cannot just stop using them and go right back to their everyday lives. Instead, they must properly address and manage the damage that has been done to their brain, body, and emotional wellness.

When an opioid addiction is occurring, a person’s brain is quickly being altered by the misuse of these substances. Someone abusing opioids can experience an inability to stop using them because of how the brain has been altered, as well as struggle to maintain respectable behaviors.

For countless individuals looking to recover from opioid addiction, it is pivotal to address these changes and find ways to help straighten out brain chemistry in order for the rest of the program to be effective. This is where medication comes in.

The medications used at medication-assisted treatment programs are opioid-based, which is why several people think that implementing a medication like this is just trading one opioid for the next. There is a big difference between abusing a highly addictive opioid and properly using one that is not as easy to become addicted to.

Medications like Suboxone, Vivitrol and naltrexone are able to help all areas of the brain get back in contact with one another and begin returning to normal functionality, which is imperative for those wanting to recover from opioid addiction. These medications are also effective in decreasing the presence of withdrawal symptoms and cravings, which is hugely beneficial in helping to retain clients, especially during the period of detox.

Medications such as these are not just freely handed out to clients at medication-assisted treatment. Instead, they are carefully administered and controlled to the point where if a client is participating in an outpatient treatment program, he or she must go to the facility every day for his or her dose. Depending on the needs of the client, he or she may remain on methadone, buprenorphine, or naltrexone for anywhere between several weeks to two years. It is recommended that when taking one of these medications, clients take it for at least one year for it to be as effective as it can be.

Studies have proven that medication-assisted treatment helps clients reduce their risk of relapse and overdose, as well as their propensity to participate in criminal activity. These studies also reveal that those who participate in medication-assisted treatment have a success rate of 60 to 90 percent in maintaining their recovery.

Medication-Assisted Treatment in Franklin

Medication-assisted treatment is available in all areas of the country, as there has never been a need for it like right now. The medications used for this treatment are also just as available as the programs themselves are and are typically covered by insurance. When you make the decision to enroll in a medication-assisted treatment program, you are not only taking advantage of what is around you, but you are giving yourself another shot at life.

Medication-assisted treatment in Franklin stands above the rest in that the quality of care that we provide is unparalleled to any other treatment program. Right from the start, we work with you to learn as much as we can about your story. That way, we can build an individualized treatment plan that will lead you towards achieving sobriety. That plan will include handpicked therapies deemed most beneficial for your treatment needs, as well as a medication that our addiction specialists think will be best for you.

Throughout your journey in medication-assisted treatment in Franklin, we will help guide and support the whole way. We will continue to work with you to adjust your ever-changing needs so that as you continue to grow, your treatment plan can grow with you.

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