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Crack Rehab

An addiction to crack often causes individuals to neglect all of their responsibilities, up to and including caring for their children, showing up to work on time, keeping food in their homes, and maintaining good financial practices. They can start to withdraw from friends and family members and engage in risky behaviors that put themselves and others in danger.

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Plus, crack is known for the cardiovascular complications it can cause, such as heart attack, inflammation of the lining of the heart, hypertension, reduced blood flow to the heart, and cardiac arrhythmia. Crack addiction can also lead to the onset of symptoms commonly associated with anxiety and depression.

The most promising aspect about crack addiction is that it is a treatable condition. Those who are hooked on this deadly drug can get professional treatment to put a stop to their active abuse and begin developing footing in recovery.

Treatment Programs at Our Crack Rehab in Franklin, TN

At our crack rehab in Franklin, TN, we are dedicated to providing the utmost quality care to those who are addicted to this deadly substance. We understand that an addiction to crack is extremely difficult to break, especially if it is occurring alongside another form of substance abuse and/or mental illness. However, we know that through the programming we offer, that we can help to break the cycle of abuse and get those in need the help they deserve. 

We offer two outpatient programs at our crack rehab in Franklin, TN. Each one of our programs is designed to meet patients where they are at in their recovery and help them build a life for themselves that does not include the abuse of crack or other addictive substances. 

Intensive outpatient program

The intensive outpatient program at our crack rehab in Franklin, TN is a program that is ideal for crack users who:

  • Do not need detox or any other around-the-clock medical or psychiatric services
  • Have either completed inpatient treatment or a partial hospitalization program or who do not require either one of those treatment options
  • Need more focused care than what is traditionally provided through outpatient programs

When enrolled in our intensive outpatient program, patients will be working with our team of professionals that will help guide them through the recovery process as well as provide them with a customized treatment plan designed to meet their specific needs. For the six to eight weeks that they attend our intensive outpatient program at our crack rehab in Franklin, TN, patients will participate in a variety of different therapy sessions, ranging from individual therapy to experiential therapy. As they near the end of their program, patients can either transition down into the outpatient program for extended treatment or utilize our aftercare services on an as needed basis. 

Outpatient program

The outpatient program offered at our crack rehab in Franklin, TN is a more suitable fit for crack users who:

  • Have received higher levels of care like that offered through inpatient or intensive outpatient programs but who require further addiction treatment
  • Have a mild crack addiction where they are not dependent on it but still require more care than what can be provided through traditional talk therapy
  • Can continue to uphold their lives outside of treatment 

Patients of our outpatient program at our crack rehab in Franklin, TN will remain in the program for six to eight weeks just like patients in our intensive outpatient program. Therapy will be conducted a few days per week and during that time, patients are expected to spend a few hours at the facility. This allows for patients to continue to uphold a job or other responsibilities that take up the majority of their time outside of treatment. They will spend their time at our crack rehab in Franklin, TN engaging in therapies such as group counseling and behavioral therapy, to name a few.

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If you are battling a crack addiction, do not continue to go about it yourself. Call our crack rehab in Franklin, TN right now to learn more about how we can help you stop your abuse and begin a life of recovery.