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Heroin Rehab

Whether someone develops an addiction to heroin through previous prescription opioid use or experimentation with heroin, the need for treatment is still critical. Substance use disorder is a treatable condition, meaning that those who are addicted to heroin can get the medical and therapeutic resources needed in order to successfully put an end to their addiction. Unfortunately, however, treatment usually comes after a one-on-one battle with active heroin abuse.

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Signs of Heroin Addiction

Those addicted to heroin and other substances often go through similar challenges with their addiction, however, their experience tends to be unique based on personal factors, such as the presence of mental illness, polysubstance abuse, living environment, and current stressors. Despite heroin users having different experiences with the abuse of this drug, there exist several signs and symptoms of heroin addiction that are common amongst nearly all users. They include, however, are not limited to, the following:

  • Being secretive, dishonest, and/or deceptive regarding use
  • Needing to increase the amount of heroin being abused in order to achieve the feeling of being high
  • Changing routes of consumption, such as going from smoking heroin to shooting it
  • Continuing to abuse heroin despite suffering consequences directly related to that use
  • Losing a job, being expelled from school, or suffering personal consequences like divorce as a result of heroin abuse
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when unable to use heroin at all or in the same capacity as usual
  • Feeling unable to function without abusing heroin

People who abuse heroin do not need to be displaying all of these signs in order to need professional treatment. Even one of these signs is enough to encourage attending a heroin rehab.

What to Expect at Our Heroin Rehab in Franklin, TN

At our heroin rehab in Franklin, TN, those with a heroin addiction can receive the outpatient services they need so that their active addiction is no more. We offer intensive outpatient programming and outpatient programming which are excellent options for those heroin users who:

  • Have already completed detox and/or higher levels of care
  • Are in need of care that is not as intense as inpatient treatment¬†
  • Have a safe home environment to return home to when not at the facility
  • Are able to get to and from the facility independently¬†
  • Can make a time commitment to programming

The intensive outpatient program at our heroin rehab in Franklin runs for about six to eight weeks, as does the outpatient program. Those enrolled in the intensive outpatient program will spend nearly every day at the facility while those in outpatient treatment will go to the facility a few days per week. During the time that they are there, patients of both programs will participate in therapy sessions that are evidence-based and designed to help them address the several needs they have as a result of their substance use disorder. 

Patients in our outpatient programs will have access to individual therapy and group therapy, as well as the ability to participate in activities that promote their recovery. Our heroin rehab utilizes evidence-based therapies in the treatment of all patients, including, but not limited to:

Regardless of if a patient is in the intensive outpatient program or the outpatient program, he or she will receive an individualized treatment plan that will be developed based on his or her needs. From there, patients will begin their course of care that will be provided by our team of experienced and compassionate treatment professionals.

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