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Xanax Rehab

When Xanax is abused, it can produce feelings of calm, contentment, and relaxation. This effect is so addictive that people will continue to abuse this drug in order to feel that way again. As people chase this high, their bodies quickly become dependent on it and an addiction can develop.

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Today, Xanax is the eighth-most prescribed drug in the United States, with more than 50 million prescriptions for it being written out every year. And while many of those prescriptions go to people who utilize them as directed, just as many go to those who do not. 

Even though someone addicted to Xanax might look like he or she is content in their abuse of this substance, chances are they are struggling with their use both mentally and emotionally. The high that is produced by Xanax can be so enticing that the negative effects of that abuse (such as respiratory depression, extreme drowsiness, unemployment, and financial troubles) can feel like they are not as troublesome as they really are. The longer that a person continues to abuse Xanax and suffer consequences such as these, the more likely he or she becomes to suffer from a fatal overdose. People do not get a second chance after a fatal overdose, but at our Xanax rehab in Franklin, TN, second chances are obtained every single day.

Addiction, regardless of the substance, is a treatable disease. And while there is no cure for it, those who are addicted to drugs like Xanax can end their active abuse and begin developing a life of recovery at our Xanax Rehab.

Treatment at Our Xanax Rehab in Franklin

At our Xanax rehab in Franklin, TN, we know how difficult the first few days and weeks of treatment can be. We understand that each one of our patients is going through a life-changing moment where their future depends on their efforts to fight against the disease of addiction. From the moment a patient crosses our threshold to the minute he or she leaves, we work closely with them to not only provide them with the treatment that can save their lives but also with the encouragement they need in order to get sober and stay that way. 

We provide two different outpatient programs for our patients who are recovering from addiction. The intensive outpatient program and the outpatient program offer a number of benefits and can even be included in a larger treatment plan if necessary. 

Intensive outpatient program

The intensive outpatient program at our Xanax rehab in Franklin, TN is a program that is geared towards those individuals who are at a point in their recovery where inpatient treatment is not necessary but outpatient treatment is not enough. This middle-of-the-road option is best suited for those who do not need any medical services such as detox and who are able to commit the majority of their time to their treatment. The IOP runs between six to eight weeks and during that time, patients will attend several therapy sessions and work one-on-one with a therapist to address their personal, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. 

Outpatient program 

The outpatient program is an excellent option for those who have completed the intensive outpatient program but who require a step-down form of care prior to transitioning back to their everyday lives. It is also most effective for individuals who have a mid Xanax addiction and who do not need detox services or any other form of around-the-clock care.  Patients of the outpatient program can continue to go to work, attend school, and/or care for their children while getting treatment, as this program only asks a few hours every couple of days out of its patients. Just like the intensive outpatient program, the outpatient program also lasts from six to eight weeks and can be supplemented with aftercare support provided by our Xanax rehab in Franklin, TN.

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Being addicted to Xanax can be highly distressing and become too much to bear. And even if you do not want to stop using, chances are that you know you will benefit if you do so. Therefore, instead of continuing to put your life at risk by abusing this dangerous prescription drug, pick up the phone and call us right now. We can help you get on the road to recovery.